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Inside TikTok Advertising with Dennis Yu -   Become a Patron   In 2021, TikTok overtook as the most trafficked site on the internet. And unless you’ve been firmly stuck with your head in the sand over the last 12 months particularly, I’m sure you recognise that TikTok simply can’t be ignored in a video strategy today. But is it really still […]
Communicating a Brand’s Story with Shannon W Williams -   Become a Patron   You know how powerful story is in marketing. You’ve heard it before I’m sure, that storytelling allows for deeper levels of communication and connection than any other form of marketing. But for many brands and businesses I believe there is still a real struggle in working out how to find, and […]
How to Build a Digital Business from Your Expertise with James Wedmore -   Become a Patron   You know what? You’re an entrepreneur and what that means is, you see opportunities. But let me ask you, are you seizing those opportunities and building the business that you want? The fact is that this year, right now the opportunity for building a digital product business, or an online course […]
Getting Started as a Video Strategist with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   In this episode, I am going to share with you the audio from a full video strategy one on one introductory training that I released over in my YouTube channel this week. As I run you through really some clarity on what is the opportunity for you as a video producer […]
What is Watchbait? (and what is Meta doing about it?) with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   Have you ever found yourself sucked in by Watchbait on facebook? Wait, what?  What is watchbait anyway? It sure sounds dodgy, and if so, what is Facebook or Meta doing about it? A few weeks back Meta announced a crackdown on these tactics, and although it’s about time, I’m not exactly […]
Web3.0: The Metaverse and the Future of Video Marketing with Mitch Jackson -   Become a Patron   About 2018/19 I first started paying a little bit of attention to this thing called the Blockchain. Didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I’m usually keen to understand new technology so I jumped in and tried to make what sense of it I could. I even bought a […]
Measuring Video Success (When You Can’t See the Metrics) with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   We all want the videos we produce to actually get results for our clients right? Well I know, and I think you do too, that one of the most frustrating things as a video producer is when we hand over a video we’re super proud of, the client is happy but […]
Getting Clear on Your Niche -   Become a Patron   Yesterday, in a 1:1 coaching session with a member of my Strategy Board mastermind group a fairly common question was raised, and its one I’ve heard again and again from fellow video producers and in fact any business that we are helping… and that question is… how can I get clear […]