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What is Branding Anyway with Marc Gutman -   Become a Patron   Branding is one of those concepts that as business leaders and marketers we understand is a thing, and we get that it’s important, but have you really ever thought about how to define what branding actually is? A quick google search will turn up a massive variety of definitions from design […]
Taming the Video Analytics Beast with Brie E Anderson -   Become a Patron   As a smart video marketer, looking for ways that we can help our clients understand the real ROI (return on investment) of the work that our videos are doing for their business is critical. But when we think about data, analytics, it can be seriously overwhelming. So in this episode, my […]
How to Write Better YouTube Descriptions with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron When it comes to YouTube optimization, one of the things that I see most commonly underutilised is the YouTube descriptions. But how important are YouTube descriptions now anyway, and how can we maximise that space in order to set up our videos for maximum success? In this episode we cover: The importance […]
Leveraging AI in Content Creation with Tony Simmons -   Become a Patron   As a content creator, once you’ve been at it for any length of time the fact is that you’re likely to be metaphorically sitting on an untapped resource. Videos, podcasts, workshop recordings, past episodes all of that content, when categorised, transcribed, sorted and repurposed can be a massive asset to your […]
Why You Hate Seeing Yourself on Video (and how to overcome it) with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   Do you cringe when you see yourself on video or hear the sound of your own voice recorded and played back to you? Well, you’re not alone and the fact is there is some science behind why we hate seeing and hearing ourselves on video.  In this episode, I’m going to […]
The Powerful ABT Story Framework with Park Howell -   Become a Patron   In marketing and in business communicating your message clearly, in a way that connects quickly with your ideal customer is critical, AND when we consider the massive amounts of noise online getting your message noticed is now more difficult than ever, BUT still so many marketers are continuing to push out […]
5 Ways to Use Video in Virtual Selling with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   The world for sales teams is shifting and more and more relationship building, prospect nurturing, objection handling and sales enablement needs to be done online. This is where video is really starting to shine. So in this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you super quick, 5 ways to use […]
3 Ways to Use Open Loops in Your Video Marketing with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   So, what can we learn about effective video marketing from Hollywood blockbusters, TV serials, and human psychology? Well, quite a lot actually. But in particular it’s about how they keep a viewer watching and crying out for more. In this episode we cover: A short history of Open Loops 3 ways […]