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As a Video Producer, you know your craft. But are the beautifully produced films you're delivering actually working for your clients?

Fast forward your role as a leading supplier of online video in your market and begin your journey from video producer to video strategist.

Download your free copy of my Video Producer's Blueprint for Effective Online Video Strategy and learn how to ensure your videos are effective online, position yourself to attract more corporate video clients, and dominate as the expert in online video digital marketing in your local area.

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Get instant access to the Video Producer's Blueprint for Effective Online Video Strategy

I’m excited to have you join me on this journey. Let’s do this!

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What's covered?

  • Learn the 7 Elements to an Effective Online Video Strategy so you feel confident strategizing with your clients and don't get left behind
  • Develop an understanding of digital marketing to ensure better results for your clients and sell more video.
  • Understand the first steps to transitioning from video producer to online video strategist
  • Find out how you can lead the way in your market by providing real value to your video clients and become the expert in digital video strategy your clients expect you to be

D Cowling D Cowling

Thanks for the tips. I took these into a meeting with a client and it made a world of difference. I did it in another meeting again today and saw another great result. Just being able to speak confidently about strategy gives the client so much more confidence in us immediately. Even though I’m not completely confident in my delivery, I’m doing enough to fake it ‘till I make it’. 🙂

M Austin M Austin

I can definitely see how strategy is critical to effective online video marketing and look forward to implementing this in my businesses.

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Get instant access to the Video Producer's Blueprint for Effective Online Video Strategy

I’m excited to have you join me on this journey. Let’s do this!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Ben_videostudio_headshot copyAbout Ben...

Hi, I'm Ben Amos. I'm an online video strategist, digital marketer, video producer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, (Dad and husband) and founder of Innovate Media, a video production and online video strategy agency based in Australia. I've also founded Australia’s only purpose built video blogging studio space, and facility – Vlog Pod®.

In my day-to-day work I'm passionate about working with our clients to develop effective online video strategy within their niche and to help other business owners and marketers to understand the full potential for online video platforms within a wider business marketing strategy.

I believe that as video producers, we know our craft of filmmaking, and in so many cases are bloody good at it too. However, where I feel many videographers and corporate video producers are struggling is with an understanding of, and knowledge of how to implement effective online video marketing strategies for their clients.

This is why I wrote the Video Producer's Blueprint for Effective Online Video Strategy.  And why I want to share it with you.

Why Engage?

From a very young age, I’ve always been interested in engaging people. Whether it be face-to-face through entertainment, performance, humour, teaching or doing the same things digitally through video, I seem to regularly find myself placed in a role of helping people to connect with an idea, a thought or a message.

Growing up in my home town of Brisbane in Australia, I developed a passion for filmmaking stemming from my father’s (and my grandfather before him) keen interest in the latest home movie cameras. Producing, editing and starring in many of our home movies (absolute blockbusters, I assure you) gave me the start to what was to become my absolute passion in my adult years.

After working in various technical and production roles, I later became a qualified teacher of film and media in Queensland, Australia before breaking out and founding Innovate Media. Innovate Media specializes in connecting businesses to their ideal clients through clever online video strategy and engaging online video content.

I work with businesses across many industries to help them engage, connect, and convert using online video, however my passion lies with helping professionals make a real impact online. Law, Finance, Real Estate, Engineering, Medical, Recruitment, PR – professionals in these industries often have such compelling stories, incredible knowledge and massive marketing potential that remains untapped.