3 Videos Your Business Needs

When you’re creating a video marketing strategy for a business, the end goal is sales right? So why not make every video about selling? When we consider that people make decisions based on emotion first, then that becomes clear. After all, selling can often feel like a slap in the face unless we build a […]

10 Tips for LinkedIn Native Video

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience It’s no surprise, right, because we just talked about it when it comes to strategic approach to video, you really need to know who it is that you’re trying to market to. You need to know your audience. You can’t just market on LinkedIn or create content for LinkedIn […]

The 5 things I learnt from my Facebook Live Video Challenge

Throughout the month of August 2016, I set myself the challenge of doing a Facebook Live video broadcast every day in order to really test out the platform, see what works and what doesn’t and most importantly gain confidence in my own ability to present live on camera. On day 31 my broadcast served as a summary of […]