4 Steps to Defining A Strategy for your Online Video Marketing

4 steps to an online video strategy

… or avoiding the curse of Tacticitus. “If I put the video on YouTube and stick it on my website then I can share the link to Facebook and send it out to my email list and share it to LinkedIn and tell my Mum to send it to all her friends and copy the […]

Workshop // Developing Your Online Video Strategy

Search engines love it. Social media platforms have embraced it. Your audience can’t get enough of it. Online video is everywhere, but how is your brand using video? Too often businesses approach video in entirely the wrong way, they invest in production but just fail to see the results. Check out the recording below of […]

Engage Video Marketing is launched

Here it is… my new brand and platform for connecting with professional services, marketers and innovative entrepreneurs interested in making the most of online video when marketing their business. Engage Video Marketing will be a platform for sharing best practice, educating, inspiring and motivating business people from around the world working in or with professional service […]