Video Strategist Toolkit Part 6: Metrics

  Become a Patron   Metrics inform video strategy moving forward by providing valuable insights and data that can guide decision-making and optimize the effectiveness of video content. In today's digital age,

Video Strategist Toolkit Part 5: Optimisation

  Become a Patron   Video optimization for audience engagement is a crucial aspect of any successful video strategy. In order to reach the right audience and ensure that they engage with

Video Strategist Toolkit Part 3: Content

  Become a Patron   In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, I will discuss the third element of the Video Strategist Toolkit Series, which is Content, and how it

How to Write a Good Youtube Description (2021)

When it comes to YouTube optimization, one of the things that I see most commonly underutilised is the YouTube descriptions. But how important are YouTube descriptions now anyway, and how