3 Powerful Techniques for Speaking to Camera Naturally

In this article, I’m going to share with you 3 quick tips for speaking to camera naturally. One of the hardest things when you start a YouTube channel or when you start using video for your business is actually mastering the skill of speaking directly to camera. Now, not every video you need to be […]

How to Present on Camera – 6 Practical Tips!

Let’s cut to the chase… You want practical tips so you can learn to present well on camera, overcome your fears and communicate your message? In this article, it’s all about practical tips that will make your on camera presentation better. And remember, practice DOES make perfect, so get started and you WILL get more […]

Why you need to be Blogging Your Vlogs

So text is out and video is in. But don’t be too quick to send those scripts to your trash can. Check out the video above for a quick video strategy tip for you. And it’s all about why you can’t ignore text blogging when you’re shifting priority to video blogging or vlogging. You see, […]