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Learn how to understand and implement VIDEO STRATEGY into your Video Production toolkit to grow your business.

As a Video Producer, you know your craft. But are the beautifully produced films you’re delivering actually working for your clients?

Fast forward your role as a leading supplier of online video in your market and begin your journey from video producer to video strategist.

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This eBook outlines the framework I’ve learnt and have implemented for hundred’s of our video agency clients over the last 7 years… and I want to share it with you.

About Ben...

About Ben...

Hi, I’m Ben Amos. I’m an online video strategist, digital marketer, video producer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, (Dad and husband) and founder of Innovate Media, a video production and online video strategy agency based in Australia.

I’m also the host the Apple Podcast’s Top 100 (Marketing) Engage Video Marketing Podcast.

In my day-to-day work I’m passionate about working with our clients to develop effective online video strategy within their niche and to help other business owners and marketers to understand the full potential for online video platforms within a wider business marketing strategy.

I believe that as video producers, we know our craft of filmmaking, and in so many cases are bloody good at it too. However, where I feel many videographers and corporate video producers are struggling is with an understanding of, and knowledge of how to implement effective online video marketing strategies for their clients.

This is why I wrote the Video Producer’s Online Video Strategy Blueprint. And why I want to share it with you.