We’re in business to sell stuff right?

So, I guess it makes sense to focus much of our time and effort in our marketing on making the sale. But where do sales come from?  

Easy. We make sales when we get opportunities.  Perhaps a warm referral from a past client presents an opportunity. A lead through our website, an opt-in on our Facebook ads, or a chance meeting at a networking event presents an opportunity.

But an opportunity alone isn’t enough to make a sale.

In order to consistently and effectively make sales, we need to be building relationships first. You see, as my friend Chris Ducker from Youpreneur.com is so fond of saying; “People buy from people”. So without first aiming to build some sort of trusted relationship with a prospect that chances of an opportunity converting to a sale are diminished.

But how do we build relationships with our prospects?

Easy. It all comes down to human nature. We build relationships through conversation. One on one. Person to person conversations. Through real conversations covering topics and points of interest that really matter to us it’s natural that relationships form as a result.

People buy from people – yep… even online.

Okay, but how do we start conversations with our ideal prospects who don’t really know us yet?

It’s a no brainer… you and I are doing this right now. Questions… and answers.

That’s right, by asking questions of your ideal prospects you’re addressing those pain points in their lives that will start the right conversations. Your prospects (your audience) have emotional needs, or pain, that they are feeling right now that your product or service can help them with. When you identify what that pain is, then you know the right questions to ask.

And this is where we cascade straight back down the customer journey funnel which leads us back to the sale.


As humans we move from left to right… not right to left. And this is how a marketing strategy should be designed. And this is where Online Video Content Marketing particularly shines – when done right.

(Note: I was first introduced to the above framework thanks to Phil M Jones in an interview on Park Howel’s Business Of Story podcast → take a listen here)

Informing Your Video Strategy

So with this human-centered approach to online video strategy design, it becomes clear that some of the first pieces of video content that we want our ideal audience to come into contact with should be asking (and responding to) those key questions our prospects have. We need to ask or respond to these questions in such a way that prompts emotional connection and therefore conversation.  After all, it’s no point asking questions if nobody cares enough to answer!

By using video strategically and structuring our content planning around our prospects key pain points and burning questions, we’ll be starting conversations around our brand ecosystem online. But don’t forget, the goal here is for these questions to lead to conversations so plan for this, and approach your video content production in a way that opens up and encourages feedback. Be direct, and ask for a viewer to respond in the comments, tweet a thought, or leave an answer in a poll.

If you’ve done this right then conversations will have started around your content and brand, however, please remember that conversations are not one-sided – when they happen you need to engage and continue the conversation in an authentic and human way.

As you further map out your online video strategy you’ll now want to consider moving those conversations into deeper relationships and this is where you’ll want to create video content around an offer that will bring those engaged prospects further into your brand ecosystem. Perhaps your goal here is to get an opt-in to your email list? A registration to a webinar? Or even some sort of initial discovery call or trial.

Now remember, those relationships… they’re now becoming opportunities and of course, opportunities lead to sales.


Which is why we’re in business in the first place, right?



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