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Why Attention and Relevance is key to your Video Strategy with Todd Hartley -         Effective video marketing is about creating video for the right person and using it in the right way online to move people to take the right action and therefore get a return on your investment. In Episode 93 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Founder and CEO of Wirebuzz, Todd Hartley, […]
YouTube Growth and Engagement with Jeremy Vest from VidIQ -         In Episode 92 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Jeremy Vest, Director of Marketing at VidIQ, joins us for an interesting chat on using your YouTube channel to grow your audience and business. We discuss the key factors for growth and engagement on YouTube and how the VidIQ platform helps support […]
How Captions Command Attention and Engagement with Gideon Shalwick -         In Episode 91 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Gideon Shalwick, the founder of Splasheo joins me as we explore one of the best ways to capture and hold the attention of your audience in your video content amidst the noise in the different social media platforms. More and more people […]
Encouraging Visible Leadership Through Video with Jenny De Lacy -         In Episode 90 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Visibility Coach Jenny de Lacy chats with us and shares her expertise on how leaders can get over their fears of going on camera and confidently deliver their business messages through video to effectively communicate their ideas, strengthen relationships and become visible […]
How to Get Your Brand YouTube Channel Set Up Right -         How are you using YouTube to grow your business and reach your audience or clients? Episode 89 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast is a solo episode where I share with you my 4-part method on how to supercharge your YouTube channel and give it an explosive start. Let me help […]
How to Get Video Right with Simon Banks -         In Episode 88 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, we chat with Simon Banks - author, video producer, owner & founder of Tallboy Communications - to talk about how to get video right. Video can be so overwhelming for many businesses today and many find it easier to not take action […]
Inspiring Action for Non-Profits through Live Video with Chris Strubb -         In Episode 87 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, we interview Chris Strub, a travelling mobile storyteller with a passion for working with non-profit organizations. He is known as the Giving Day Guy who drives measurable increases in online donations for non-profits by hosting and producing live video content. I met Chris […]
What’s Working Right Now for Online Video Strategy -         In this solo episode, I will be sharing an audio recording from my first ever YouTube live video. I will share my top 3 takeaways about what’s working right now in the world of online video strategy from the Social media Marketing World 2019 Conference which I recently attended in San […]