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Why Video Optimisation is not just about SEO -         In this episode, I help you understand what video optimisation is and how it can help you reach your audience effectively. I give you a rundown of what to consider and my top tips to help you improve how to deal with the optimisations you need. In this episode What is […]
Messenger Bots and Your Video Strategy with Dan Pinne -         Dan Pinne from Organik Digital, a Facebook marketing and bots agency, joins us in this episode as we talk about building, engaging and communicating with our audience through the integration of video content strategies and Facebook messenger bots. We explore the possibilities of implementing these strategies to improve your business. Dan […]
The YouTube Growth Tipping Point with Philip Van Dusen -         Philip VanDusen, Principal and CCO of Verhaal Brand Design, has over 20 years of experience in strategic branding, graphic design, and product development. He is back with us on this episode to talk about YouTube growth triggers and strategy. He shares his success journey on YouTube for both his business and […]
How to be Confident on Live Video with Ian Anderson Grey -         Ian Anderson Grey, a live video consultant and founder of Seriously Social and The Confident Live Marketing Academy, joins us in this episode as we discuss the benefits of live video for our business. He shows us how to be more confident, get over our fears, and take a strategic approach […]
From Storytelling to Selling -         I share with you my presentation “From Storytelling to Selling - Building a Full Funnel Video Strategy” at the Click, Engage, Convert Conference on this episode. I discuss the power of understanding video from a funnel perspective, understanding where you can map the video content that you’re creating for your brand […]
Go-to Video Marketing Tools -         In this episode, I share with you 6 cloud-based tools that are critical to my video marketing business. One of the key benefits of these tools is that it can be accessed anywhere. Listen on to learn more information about the tools, their use and how these can help improve your […]
Personal Branding and LinkedIn Video with String Nguyen -         String Nguyen, our guest on this episode, is a new kid on the video platform block who launched herself on the LinkedIn platform just last September 2017. She is a LinkedIn video success story who was recently recognized as a top voice on LinkedIn and nominated for 30 under 30 Forbes […]
5 Steps to Position Yourself as an Expert through Online Video -         In this solo episode, I share with you 5 important steps that you need to do to position yourself as an expert in video. In this episode The importance of positioning yourself as an expert in business and video Some key questions you need to ask yourself to know your “why?” […]