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From Broadcast Ads to Online Video in the Auto Industry with Jeff Hayes -         Jeff Hayes, a 30-year creative production and advertising pro and Founder of Capstone Production Group and Dealer Creative in the USA, joins us in this episode as we explore traditional and online video marketing, the changes advertising has gone through over the years, the impact it has on the automotive industry […]
Hottest episode of 2018: Content Marketing – Now and Next with Chris Marr from the Content Marketing Academy - Hottest episode of 2018: Content Marketing - Now and Next with Chris Marr from the Content Marketing Academy In this episode, the final episode of 2018 I'm bringing back one of the most popular interviews since the start of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. Chris Marr is the founder of the Content Marketing Academy in […]
Brand Storytelling -         Episode 74 of Engage Video Marketing is a solo episode with me, Ben Amos, and I share with you the audio of my Facebook live mini masterclass on the differences between having client testimonial videos and what we prefer businesses to steer towards which is a client story video. In this […]
How this local auto-electrician is dominating with their video strategy -         Briohny DeVere, co-owner of Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning, shares valuable information with us in this episode as she tells us the story of how they managed to grow their 20-year small business using video marketing. Be inspired as you listen to their journey in creating content that matters and […]
How to set goals for your video marketing strategy -         In this episode, I share and break down the 3 levels of goal setting for your video marketing for you which are: Content Level, Platform Level, and Business Development Level. We discuss the definitions of each, what we need to do for each level and how they all relate to each […]
The Recipe for Your (Video) SEO Success with Kate Toon -         Kate Toon, expert copywriter, and search optimization engine legend, joins us in this episode as we explore the world of SEO. Kate is a writing entrepreneur, popular coach, speaker, and podcaster. She established a digital education business called The Recipe for SEO Success and the Clever Copywriting School which have helped […]
Why Video Optimisation is not just about SEO -         In this episode, I help you understand what video optimisation is and how it can help you reach your audience effectively. I give you a rundown of what to consider and my top tips to help you improve how to deal with the optimisations you need. In this episode What is […]
Messenger Bots and Your Video Strategy with Dan Pinne -         Dan Pinne from Organik Digital, a Facebook marketing and bots agency, joins us in this episode as we talk about building, engaging and communicating with our audience through the integration of video content strategies and Facebook messenger bots. We explore the possibilities of implementing these strategies to improve your business. Dan […]