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  • What’s Next for the Podcast -   After 50 episodes, 31 amazing guests with different backgrounds who were storytellers in their own right, and so much learning and insights on this storytelling masterclass.. Engage with Story is ending. BUT… I’m so excited to let you know that the Engage with Story Podcast will now be Engage Video Marketing Podcast - my […]
  • Engaging Sports Fans with Story -   EWS Ep #49: Engaging Sports Fans with Story Jason Davis, founder of the, is a story practitioner using story marketing for sporting teams and organisations., the un-agency digital agency, is a digital content and strategy agency serving sport and business. Jason has been using story in various ways to build engaged, loyal […]
  • Why Attention Pays -   EWS Ep #48:  Why Attention Pays My guest today is none other than Neen James, named one of 2017’s Top 30 Leadership Speakers by Global Guru and the author of 2 books - Folding Time™ and Attention Pays™. She has worked with big and multi-national companies such as Viacom, Comcast, and Abbott Pharmaceuticals, among […]
  • The Power of Voice: Podcasting and Storytelling -   EWS Ep #47:  The Power of Voice: Podcasting and Storytelling My guest today is someone who, without her help, guidance and encouragement this podcast wouldn’t even exist. Lyndal Harris has been my secret podcast ninja helping me each week to publish the show, write and compile show notes pages, and create artwork and social media […]
  • Getting Your Voice Heard Online with Story -   EWS Ep #46:  Getting Your Voice Heard Online with Story   My guest today is passionate about empowering purpose-driven women leaders and change-makers to help them tell their story for greater exposure and impact. She’s worked across a wide of range of traditional media and PR publications and organisations over her career and has […]
  • Building a Personal Brand through Story -   EWS Ep #45:  Building a Personal Brand through Story   In this episode, I am joined by none other than Chris Ducker - proud Brit, leading entrepreneur and someone I’m pleased to consider a mentor. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestseller, “Virtual Freedom”, and his new book released not to long ago […]
  • 4 Brand Story Prompts -   EWS Ep #44:  4 Brand Story Prompts In today's solo episode, we're going to talk about 4 of the most popular brand story types. And how you can think about these to prompt your own brand storytelling. Back in episodes 19 & 20, I unpacked Christopher Booker's 7 Basic Plots for Stories in general. […]
  • Understanding The 4 Stories for Work -   EWS Ep #43:  Understanding the 4 Stories for Work In today's episode, I speak with Gabrielle Dolan, author of the book 'Stories for Work; the Essential Guide to Business Storytelling'. Gabrielle is on a mission to change the way we communicate in business and is considered a global thought-leader on authentic leadership and business storytelling.  […]