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Connecting with Millenials through Social Video strategy with Brian Fanzo -         In this episode I am joined by Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz, to talk about engaging with millennials in your marketing and video. Brian inspires, educates and motivates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise and reach the millennial and Gen Z […]
Video and Facebook Ads with Paul Ramondo -         In this episode I talk to Paul Ramondo, digital marketing speaker, content creator, Facebook ads expert and founder of Remondo Media, and we explore everything about video in Facebook ads. Paul will walk us through how to set up an entire Facebook video ad funnel. Remondo Media is a boutique digital […]
Video marketing strategy at scale with Hope Horner -         In this episode I talk to Hope Horner, CEO of Lemonlight and a three-time entrepreneur that has been featured in Inc.'s Top 25 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017, Entrepreneur's 11 Marketing Experts that Could Changes Your Business, and Pepperdine’s 40 Under 40. Lemonlight is an LA based business that produces and […]
Listening to your audience to supercharge YouTube growth with Justin Brown -         In this episode I talk to Justin Brown of Primal Video, and we talk about how to approach your YouTube channel strategically to grow your audience and maximize your impact. Primal Video, composed of Justin and Mike Brown, has grown their YouTube subscribers to over 150,000. He has also been working […]
A Full Funnel Video Framework -         In this episode, I share with you my full funnel video strategy framework which has been a game-changer for our business and the clients we work with. This has been the heart of my online video strategy agency for the last 3 years. In this episode What is the Full Funnel […]
How collaborative production workflows lead to more effective video marketing with Emery Wells, CEO of -       In this episode, we engage in conversation with Emery Wells, CEO, and Co-Founder of In this episode What led Emery to build and how he found the need for this type of service Workflow of creating videos before Starting the business and the problems they wanted to address with […]
Taking Personal Training Virtual with Video with Jeff McMahon -  Taking Personal Training Virtual with Video   In this episode, we engage in conversation with Jeff McMahon, a personal trainer who’s taking personal training virtual. In this episode How Jeff started with personal training and virtual personal training What is virtual personal training The typical video and communication set up for the personal trainer […]
How video marketing led to massive growth of this Physio Practice - How video marketing led to massive growth of this Physio Practice   My guest today has grown his bricks and mortar Physiotherapy practice from 1 location to now 5 thriving locations in his local area, and one of the key drivers of this success he attributes to video marketing. Jack O’Brien is the owner of Terrace […]