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Which Metrics Matter across your Video Strategy -         In the previous episode, we talked about the 5 buckets of metrics that you need to pay attention to in your video strategy. In this episode, we take things one step further as we deepen our knowledge in understanding the metrics that matter for each video in your strategy. In this […]
The 5 Video Metrics Buckets -         Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” And this is so true when it comes to implementing an effective online video strategy. In this solo episode, we will talk about the five types of metrics that you […]
Fueling your YouTube Channel with Tom Martin -         Channel Growth Expert and YouTube Strategist Tom Martin of joins us in this episode to talk about fueling and supercharging your YouTube channel in 2019. With over 1.9 billion subscribers and over a billion hours per day of video watched online, how will you tap into the power and reach […]
Using Video and Storytelling to Raise Awareness with Zach Jordan -         Zach Jordann an award-winning producer and storyteller joins us in this episode to talk about his passion project - My Alzheimer’s Story. The mission of this project is to raise awareness and provide support to those affected by Alzheimer’s through video and story. They aim to collect 10,000 stories to create […]
How are Making Social Video Creation Easier and Better for Everyone -         Daniel Glickman - CMO of the video creation platform called joins us as we talk about creating branded video content that stands out amidst all the noise in social media. Video on social media has now become a staple for businesses who want to engage their audience in these channels […]
How to approach video production with a Strategy First -         In this solo episode, Ben gives us a sneak peek of his recently launched course, The Online Video Strategy Blueprint, by sharing with us the audio of one of the video lessons in the course about approaching video content production from a strategy-based mindset. The Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course is […]
The Rise of the Online Video Strategist -         This week, Ben is opening the doors for enrolment to his first online course entitled The Online Video Strategy Blueprint. And in this episode, he tells us more about the backstory on how he arrived at this point in his career. He shares his journey with us from changing the way […]
How Educating Clients leads to Better Video Marketing with Doug Darling -         Doug Darling, Executive Director and Founder of Tripwire Media Group - a video and animation company, joins us in this episode as we talk about the importance of educating and helping clients grow their business by creating effective and impactive videos with the end in mind, not just shooting great video. […]