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  • Getting Your Voice Heard Online with Story -   EWS Ep #46:  Getting Your Voice Heard Online with Story   My guest today is passionate about empowering purpose-driven women leaders and change-makers to help them tell their story for greater exposure and impact. She’s worked across a wide of range of traditional media and PR publications and organisations over her career and has […]
  • Building a Personal Brand through Story -   EWS Ep #45:  Building a Personal Brand through Story   In this episode, I am joined by none other than Chris Ducker - proud Brit, leading entrepreneur and someone I’m pleased to consider a mentor. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestseller, “Virtual Freedom”, and his new book released not to long ago […]
  • 4 Brand Story Prompts -   EWS Ep #44:  4 Brand Story Prompts In today's solo episode, we're going to talk about 4 of the most popular brand story types. And how you can think about these to prompt your own brand storytelling. Back in episodes 19 & 20, I unpacked Christopher Booker's 7 Basic Plots for Stories in general. […]
  • Understanding The 4 Stories for Work -   EWS Ep #43:  Understanding the 4 Stories for Work In today's episode, I speak with Gabrielle Dolan, author of the book 'Stories for Work; the Essential Guide to Business Storytelling'. Gabrielle is on a mission to change the way we communicate in business and is considered a global thought-leader on authentic leadership and business storytelling.  […]
  • Storytelling and Philanthropy -   EWS Ep #42:  Storytelling and Philanthropy My guest today has helped share stories in the social sector for over a decade. and has worked across not-for- profit, private and public sectors, writing for and consulting to start-ups, NGOs, trusts and foundations, state and federal government departments and private corporations. She's also written The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Management […]
  • EWS041 – The Social Story Project -   EWS Ep #41:  The Social Story Project Today we’re going to be telling a story about telling a story. For the last 8 years my business, Innovate Media, have been working with businesses locally and around the country to tell their stories through video. Last year, in 2017, we launched something a little different and […]
  • The 4 Pillars of Story -   EWS Ep #40:  The Four Pillars of Story In today’s episode, I’m taking you back to one of my favourite moments in this podcast series so far. Back in episode 9 of Engage With Story I had the chance to sit down with one of my film-making and storytelling inspirations Patrick Moreau from production company […]
  • The Online Video Strategy Blueprint: My Story -   EWS Ep #39:  The Online Video Strategy Blueprint: My Story A special episode today as I share with you a little more about what I’ve been working on lately, along with my own story. I've just released my latest eBook 'Online Entrepreneur's Video Strategy Blueprint'.                   […]