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How to Triple Your Revenue with Reels with Austin Armstrong -   Become a Patron   Join the Free Your First 100 Leads Training with James Wedmore Here How would you like to double, triple, quadruple the revenue in your business. Well my guest today did just that, mostly thanks to Reels. Austin Armstrong is a lifelong digital marketer, public speaker, host of the TikTok podcast BusinessTok, […]
A Mind Blowing Lead Gen Strategy for Video Marketers with Armando Leduc -   Become a Patron   Join the Free Your First 100 Leads Training with James Wedmore Here Have you ever wondered how to consistently create marketing content, develop a stronger professional network and generate a steady flow of ideal leads for your video marketing business, all at the same time? You have got to listen to […]
Should You Start A Video Podcast? (with Brandon Birkmeyer) -   Become a Patron   Join the Free Your First 100 Leads Training with James Wedmore Here Should you start a video podcast in 2023? What’s the point of having a video podcast as a business anyway? And aren’t podcasts really just audio shows? What’s this got to do with video marketing? That’s what we’ll be […]
A.I Video Generation and the Future of Video Marketing with Josh Xu -   Become a Patron   Today we're diving deep into the futuristic world of generative AI video tools. Picture this, you create an AI Avatar that looks and talks just like you and then use it to produce captivating video content. Sounds like sci-fi right? Well, buckle up because we're bringing this cutting edge technology straight […]
It’s Time to Give Your LinkedIn Some Love with Kay Ridge -   Become a Patron   In 2023 LinkedIn has over 875 million members and is 20 years old this year, but did you know that recently LinkedIn has released over 35 new features? In this episode I’m joined by LinkedIn Specialist Kay Ridge from Dash Social to learn more.  It’s time to give our LinkedIn Profiles […]
Short Form Video Strategy with Latasha James -   Become a Patron   What if you are creating long-form content and there was an easy mindset shift that you could have to help you dominate in short-form as well that’s Reels, Tiktok, and YouTube Shorts? In this episode, I invited Latasha James, an expert on short-form videos to share her insights on short-form video […]
The One Right Video with Diana Gladney -   Become a Patron   If you're in business and you haven't yet got started with video or you're afraid to show up on camera, what if I could tell you that there was one right video for you? In this episode, I invited the author of the book "The One Right Video: An Entrepreneur's Guide […]
ChatGPT for Video Strategists with Ben Amos -   Become a Patron   If you haven’t yet heard of the AI tool that’s been taking the online world by storm over the last couple of months then keep listening because in this episode I’m sharing my thoughts on ChatGPT for video strategy. And to be honest, I’ve been blown away from what this tool […]