EWS Ep #9: Storytelling to Guide the Heart but Move the Mind

In this episode, I interview a man behind my inspiration from many years ago. Today, we unpack story with Patrick Moreau, a guy who is literally obsessed with storytelling. A guy I have so much respect for. He is an Emmy-award winner and filmmaker with a deep understanding of story.

Patrick shares what story means to him as he takes us on his storytelling journey and his discovery of the power of story in communicating and connecting.

He believes that we must guide the heart but move the mind, that we need to connect emotionally if you want to change the behaviour or perspective of our audience. And Patrick explains the research and science behind the storytelling process and applies this to communicating a brand story to relay how to tell better stories that capture your target market.


In this Episode:

  • Where Patrick’s love of story started
  • Integrating story to make a connection
  • The science behind why story is the most powerful form of communication
  • The four pillars of storytelling process and how to apply them to a brand.
  • Using story in life and business to move your audience to action
  • Why Muse Storytelling have challenged themselves to produce original content and what you can do to help
  • The Remarkable Ones web series.


Links in this Episode

Muse Storytelling

The Remarkable Ones