Editing Video in Canva – 2 Quick Tips

With the recent introduction of Canva’s in-built video editor, the world for DIY video marketers has really opened up because without any knowledge of pro editing apps like Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Premier Pro, we can now do so much just within Canva to actually get our videos edited and up on social […]

How to Use Video in Virtual Sales

The world for sales teams is shifting and more and more relationship building prospect, nurturing, objection handling and sales enablement needs to be done online. This is where video is really starting to shine. In this article, I’m going to share how to use video in virtual sales to continue to smash your quotas and […]

How to Create Social Media Videos versions in FCPX Fast (with captions)

As a video producer, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to quickly deliver social media versions of videos for clients. In this article, I’m going to show you one super quick and highly effective workflow to quickly create social media edits and custom burned-in captions using Final Cut Pro X and an […]

Why We Hate Seeing or Hearing Ourselves on Video

Quick question: Why do we hate seeing and hearing ourselves on video? In this article, we’re gonna be breaking down the top 3 reasons why you probably hate seeing and hearing yourselves on video Today, I’ll be sharing you some tips on how you can get more confident seeing and hearing yourself on camera, because […]

3 Reasons Why We Encourage Personal Brands for Business

Not so long ago marketing was all about creating great brand awareness and then the sales would follow. But in a digital first, post-pandemic world, smart businesses are moving beyond the brand and allowing you and your people to be front and centre. So, in this article I’m going to be exploring one of the […]

3 Tips to Present Better Virtually

I’m here now at my desk in my office, which is pretty much permanently set up for virtual meetings, presentations and sales calls these days. But when I switch into presentation mode, there are really three key things that I’m focused on to ensure that I’m giving my best in any opportunity when I’m on […]

How to Plan Video Marketing with Activity Mapping

Effective video marketing for a business happens when there are multiple videos, for different needs used in different ways. I believe, that everything is better when it works together. So, how can you map out a video marketing strategy that works together to grow your business? For many businesses utilizing video marketing in different ways […]

The 7-Minute Video Marketing Plan for Business

Creating a video marketing strategy for a business, shouldn’t be complicated, but it should be necessary. You see, without a video strategy, you could be investing time, effort, and budget into creating the wrong videos for the wrong audience and using them in the wrong way. And that’s not good for any. So, let’s make […]

How to Embed Video in Email (ConvertKit Tutorial)

number one goal when sending a broadcast email to your email list is attention. If you get your subject line right, you get attention, get the content of your email right, attention.And to really get attention in your email, that’s where I recommend using video. In this quick tip article, I’m going to be sharing […]