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Bonus Lesson – Understanding Platform Native Video Content

In this little bonus video I’ll share with you an understanding of the key social video platforms, when and how to engage on each one, as well as diving in to how to be a little smarter with your video content production.


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Launching Early 2017 – Join the VIP list

Master Online Video Strategy to reach new clients, engage your ideal target market and grow your business. Gain confidence in implementing the right video for the right purpose at the right time in your customer’s journey with my Online Video Strategy Blueprint course.

This is the flagship course for Marketers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners looking to grow market reach and revenue through the strategic use of video in their digital marketing strategy.

The course will be released for a limited time in early 2017 so join the VIP list to be one of the first to get access.




yes let me in early

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