This episode is a very special one because it is our 100th episode since I started my podcasting journey. If you’re listening, thank you for being with me on this milestone. Today, I’ll be bringing you 4 different interviews with listeners from around the world who are also engaged in the world of video. 

Interview 1

Dane Golden of is a YouTube Marketing and SEO Expert who helps businesses and people drive conversion by YouTube and Facebook Video using a content marketing approach.

What is covered in this interview:

  • The services of and the types of businesses and people they work with.
  • The area where most brands or businesses are not getting enough value with the videos they produce.
  • Their approach with clients who don’t see the value of making the customers the heroes of their videos.
  • Dane’s YouTube Channel and the content he produces.
  • The reason he keeps listening to the podcast and one stand-out episode for him.
  • How to succeed in the video marketing world.

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Interview 2

Simon Holt is the Founder and Creative Director of Visual Culture, a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia.  He shares with us today his interesting experience with video in this interview.

What is covered in this interview:

  • Simon’s work background and the services they offer at Visual Culture.
  • Growing his customers from different sources.
  • His company’s process of using video to promote his own company.
  • Their process of talking to clients about video strategy in the content they’re creating.
  • The biggest shift he has seen in the world of video over the last 9 years.
  • What introduced Simon to the Engage Video Marketing podcast, the value he gets from it, and his favourite episode in the podcast.


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Interview 3

Yana Martens works with businesses and individuals on gaining camera confidence. She holds a psychology degree which helps her give insights for behaviour in front of the camera and what’s most effective for people to release their insecurities.

What is covered in this interview:

  • Yana’s background and what led her into the world of video and what she does today.
  • How Yana helps her clients in gaining confidence in front of the camera.
  • Negative impacts of doing video badly on LinkedIn.
  • The story of how Yana started listening to the Engage Video Marketing podcast and why she loves the podcast.


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Interview 4

Thomas Hoflin is the owner of a video company in Sweeden called Any Motion. He was one of the founding members of my Online Strategy Blueprint Course.

What is covered in this interview:

  • Thomas’ background and his work in the video industry.
  • What led him to the Engage Video Marketing podcast.
  • The stand-out episodes that he has gotten so much value from.
  • The reason that prompted him to join the Online Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • Positive changes and developments he has seen in his business since taking the course.


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