Episode 99 is the first episode of our new YouTube series in the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. I’m so excited to have Tim Schmoyer, the founder of Video Creators, join us to talk about how to use YouTube in business today. Tim is an absolute legend in the world of YouTube strategy helping his clients organically earn over 15 billion views and 61 million subscribers. He has been featured by Fox, Forbes, BBC and even YouTube. 

VideoCreators.com is a premiere online community for YouTube Creators and entrepreneurs where you learn cutting edge YouTube growth strategies and how to build highly engaged subscribers and customers the fastest way possible.

In this episode we cover:

  • Tim’s story and what led him into the work he does in the world of YouTube.
  • Opportunities for businesses who use YouTube as a tool. 
  • Advice for businesses who are pushing back on being creators / YouTubers.
  • Using YouTube as a business tool.
  • The approach you should take in creating videos for YouTube.
  • Specific tactics on creating engaging videos that people watch on YouTube.
  • How to craft content and use storytelling to keep viewers’ attention.
  • 7 elements you need to consider before creating videos.
  • Balancing the use of storytelling in video.

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