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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, we’re diving into a world of Facebook ads and how business owners can better set themselves up for a return on their ad spend. Join me as I interview the awesome Loren Bartley.

Loren Bartley is a Digital Marketing Strategist and high energy entrepreneur, with three children and three businesses and she wouldn’t want it any other way. She has an uncanny knack for seeing an opportunity and jumping on it and pretty much everything she works on turns out to be best in class.

Her Digital Marketing Agency, Impactiv8, takes clients from earning $20,000 per month from Facebook Ads when doing it themselves, to over $100,000 per month when working with Impactiv8. They are able to significantly increase return on ad spend because they understand that for Facebook Ads campaigns to be successful in the long run, your whole marketing funnel needs to be optimised. 

In 2018, Loren launched Click Engage Convert, Australia’s premier Digital Marketing conference and at the beginning of 2019 she setup Business Addicts Coworking, a Coworking space in Melbourne’s west.

Loren has so much knowledge, expertise, passion and enthusiasm when it comes to helping businesses leverage the power of digital marketing and passes that on via her top-rated podcast, Business Addicts The Podcast, online training programs and as a highly sought after speaker. 

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In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro of Loren Bartley and what she does in her agency, Impactiv8.
  • The biggest mistake that most businesses make when using Facebook ads.
  • The importance of using Facebook ads and why business owners should take advantage of it.
  • The different types of Facebook Ads.
  • Tips for video creative designed specifically for FB/IG ads.
  • How to increase ROAS.
  • What led her to found the Click Engage Convert Conference what it is all about.
  • Who can benefit from the Click Engage Convert Conference.
  • What’s next for Click Engage Convert in 2020.

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Click Engage Convert

Business Addicts

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