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What value does video strategy actually bring to the table? For a business choosing to work with a video company to produce their videos, how does the conversation change when the focus is on strategy first?

In today’s interview we’ll be exploring just that.

My guest today is a video strategist (and an awesome student of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Program) who together with her husband run their own video production and strategy company based in Canada.

Fiorella Cunha is Co-founder & Video Strategist at Storia Photo Video.  Where her main role is working with business owners in designing an effective video strategy which forms the foundation for all other aspects of video production and distribution.   She also manages client accounts, production schedules and works to acquire and build new client relationships. 

A Ryerson graduate with 22+ years of experience as a business owner, and 12 years of experience in the corporate universe prior to that, Fiorella is no stranger to the world of business, public relations, and the importance of constantly growing your client base and capturing your target audience in tailored and engaging ways. Storia’s focus today remains the client; and creating, producing, and distributing video content for businesses to help them leverage the power of video marketing.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Fiorella and what she does.
  • Why she feels that video is such an important tool to use in marketing today.
  • Where most businesses struggle with video (strategy)
  • What has shifted for her in the way of delivering work for her clients.
  • How the language she uses when communicating with clients through the process impacts on the way the client perceives her as a provider.
  • How she approaches her clients to see video as a form of investment.
  • How much value she thinks should be given away for free vs. monetising videos for business.
  • What’s next for her business.

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