There are two factors at play when it comes optimising your video to get them seen by the right people, at the right time online. Audience and Algorithm. In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing how to get these factors in your control and the importance of establishing expertise, authority and trust through your video strategy.

Have you heard about the EAT concept from the guys at Google? We’re not talking about what they have for lunch though. The EAT acronym comes from the handbook that is used for training people who evaluate the results returned by Google’s search algorithms. Yes. Real human people who form a critical part of Google’s search algorithm.

EAT. It stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. And as these three concepts are what Google’s humans are looking for in improving its search algorithms, you can’t ignore them. So, I’m going to give you the core of each one, and what you need to do to improve your EAT.

The important thing about these three things is that they are effectively human ranking factors, so in my opinion when you nail these three things in your video marketing you’ll be getting your content set up for success with both the algorithms, and the audiences you want to reach.

Okay so let’s break down the acronym.

1 – Expertise

This is about ensuring that you can demonstrate you are an expert in your niche. Sure, if you have formal qualifications then make sure you promote these. But simply by providing useful and regular content that hits the mark in your niche area, you are demonstrating that you know what you are on about.

Whilst having a well designed web page is great, if everything you have to say can be summed up in your web page, then perhaps you’re not the expert that you thought you were. Well, that’s how Google is likely to see it anyhow. And without regular content pushed outbound from your brand and engaged with in multiple places online, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to tap into the second area of Authority.

2 – Authority

Authority builds on expertise. It’s all about the shift from being an expert without an audience, to an expert recognised by a large audience. At its core, authority is what builds over time as more and more people view, share, link to and embed your content. As this happens, it becomes clear to both Google and your audience that you are not just a self appointed expert. Instead, you are an expert who speaks with recognised authority in your niche area. And the only way to build authority is to ensure that you meet the final part of the E A T concept which is trustworthiness.

3 – Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is what enables you to become an authority.

Like authority, trustworthiness can only be established over time. It is also connected to expertise as it will only develop as people can see that you really know what you are talking about. And that what you are saying is enriching and valuable to their lives. Trustworthiness is what enables you to become an authority and is a result of engaging and enriching content.

The E A T concepts become most beneficial when you have embraced a personal branding approach.

As, the heart of personal branding is about connecting you and your brand in a personal, valuable and trustworthy way.

This is where strategic online video content can really impact on your brand visibility online. By using video consistently, authentically, and with a value based human connection approach you’ll be pushing out great content that will become a significant signal to Google to positively rank your brand in search results.

Now, it’s important to recognise that this whole concept of EAT is by no means the be all and end all when it comes to how Google looks at your brand online. There are countless other important signals that determine ranking of your website and your videos which we won’t get in to in this video.

However, for businesses that deal with potentially higher risk content – those that Google determines as being related to Your Money or Your Life – that is, pages or channels that can affect someone’s health, happiness, safety, or financial stability such as financial, health, investing, retirement, law and so on – this is where content needs to have significant focus on demonstrating expertise, authority and trust. So this concept simple can’t be ignored.

So, how are you delivering content that positions you as the trustworthy, authoritative, expert in your field?

Check out the video on this page – to further nail your video strategy.