So text is out and video is in. But don’t be too quick to send those scripts to your trash can.

Check out the video above for a quick video strategy tip for you. And it’s all about why you can’t ignore text blogging when you’re shifting priority to video blogging or vlogging.

You see, text is still the primary tool of search engines. And that is why your script is an integral part of applying effective video SEO tactics. Of course, the first thing you should ensure is that you’re uploading your video script or transcript as closed captions on your facebook or Youtube video. That’s the low hanging fruit to boost the visibility of your video in search.

But another way to supercharge your SEO is to create and post a blog that goes with each of your vlogs. By uploading a blog as well as a video you are maximizing the amount of keyword rich SEO content to drive you up your page ranking. But do more than just copy and paste your script into text format to your post. Make sure you revise it for being read not heard, a bit of tweaking and reformatting goes a long way. And make sure you include any links to other relevant blogs or information.

Even though we’re much more likely to watch the video than read the text, search engines still rely heavily on text.

So always consider the pwoerful one-two punch of embedding your vlogs into a simple blog. It’s a win win!

(just like this one)

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