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Building a business can be tough. For many of us, particularly us creative entrepreneurs, we started our business as a way to do what we loved, and hopefully figure out a way to get paid for it. But before long it became clear that in order to build a sustainable business, and not go crazy, we need to get the right team in place around us. That team can mean staff, employees, contractors sure, but also I believe a critical ingredient to business growth team is the board of advisors you surround yourself with who are OUTSIDE of your business. 

And in today’s episode I’ve invited one of the members of my Strategy Board mastermind and coaching program to share his video business growth story and in particular how being a part of a Board has helped him grow.

Flex Media’s founder and video strategist with over a decade of video production experience. Which allows him to combine a variety of production styles and marketing tactics with today’s new technology to deliver effective video content for business owners, marketing and sales teams. Bill comes from a family of entrepreneurs which not only inspires him to be a business owner but wants to help other business owners like his family. 

Bill has a passion for education and spends time every week watching education videos, listening to podcasts, or reading books on marketing, sales, and business.

When he’s not working on Flex Media, Bill enjoys watching movies, spending time with family and can often be found on the shores of Lake Erie.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Bill and his business.
  • The types of clients he serves.
  • What made him start his business.
  • The challenges he faced in the first couple of years.
  • The challenges he encountered as his business grew.
  • How he addressed his challenges as he developed his video business.
  • How being part of a mastermind meant for his business.

Links mentioned in the show:

The application to the Strategy Board Mastermind and Coaching Program is now open. Click here to get access to the form.

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