In this episode I am joined by Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz, to talk about engaging with millennials in your marketing and video. Brian inspires, educates and motivates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise and reach the millennial and Gen Z consumer.

iSocialFanz has helped launched digital and influencer strategies with the world’s most iconic brands like Dell, Adobe, IBM, and SAP. He has 2 podcasts, FOMOFans and SMACTalk, and has traveled to over 70 countries to speak in many of the world’s largest events including South by Southwest, Social Media Marketing World, and Mobile World Conference.

In this episode

  • Brian’s story and what led him to the world of digital marketing and social media, particularly his interest in exploring how millennials and Gen Z are engaging on these platforms
  • The problem with reaching Millennials today
  • How brands can strategically approach the idea of building relationships with prospects in their channels
  • Relatability as the future of marketing
  • Examples of what big and iconic brands are doing right and wrong
  • How experience plays a part in marketing to millennials
  • What Brian says to convince companies to invest on hard to measure strategies and help them understand how these will sell their stuff
  • Thinking strategically and investing time and effort to use video
  • The message of Brian’s upcoming book, Push the Damn Button, and the impact he wants to have in the world through that
  • Learning by doing and making mistakes
  • Creating content and video that is valuable to companies with many regulations
  • How people who push the button make mistakes
  • Brian’s advice in using platforms to reach your target audience

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