EWS Ep #6: Defining Corporate Culture through Story

Stories told internally and externally, both perceived and authentic, are the groundwork for strong and appealing company culture and are a powerful tool to communicate this.

Today’s guest is a professional writer and researcher with a Master’s degree in Folklore and a love and intense interest in the personal narrative. Lori Lee helps people understand story and the impact it has on their lives – personally and professionally.

Lori’s journey started from her personal experiences when she realised that her life wasn’t really where she expected it to be. So she began a research project to find out whether other people’s lives had turned out the way they expected them to – and the results were pretty staggering with 19 out of 20 subject’s answering with No. Lori then decided to undertake Emotional Intelligence training and the process she learned in this training really changed – to a point where she turned her own story around and began loving it.

This Emotional Intelligence and learning to be at love and peace with her story, combined with the love of personal narrative came together in the creation of Lori’s podcast, Love Your Story. Love Your Story explores how embracing your personal story helps define and strengthen your ability to love and respect yourself.

In Lori’s words, “story is a genre that everybody gets regardless of nationality; socio-economic background or culture. It’s a super-powerful medium because our minds are programmed to understand it, remember through story and teach with story.”

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In this episode

  • How your personal story defines your business story
  • The importance of story in defining and communicating a company culture
  • Some specific story prompts that you can use in your corporate culture
  • The conversation rituals and how that drives engagement in corporate communications
  • Folklore in a company can be used for both good and evil
  • Some practical ways to start using story to communicate your company’s culture today.


Live Your Story…and Love Your Story.


Links for this episode:

Love Your Story Website

Write to Lori about your story through her Contact Us Page