Episode 96 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast will be all about LinkedIn Video. My guest is David Kilkelly of BlinkBack – a video production company based in the UK. David is the brains behind the LinkedIn Video Creators Course where he aims to help business owners grow their network and generate inquiries with LinkedIn Video.

David will walk us through the massive opportunities that LinkedIn videos provide business owners today. He will give us tips for video engagement, creation and publishing for LinkedIn to get maximum exposure and results.

In this episode we cover:

  • David’s backstory and what led him to where he is now in the world of video.
  • The type of content Blink Back creates for its clients.
  • The role of video in the growth of businesses today.
  • Distribution of video in social media platforms.
  • Changes on the LinkedIn Platform we need to know about.
  • The difference between how people engage on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Individuals or businesses who should be publishing on LinkedIn.
  • The opportunity of video in the LinkedIn Platform.
  • Ideal recommended specifications for uploading native videos on LinkedIn.
  • The mindset people should have when publishing video on LinkedIn.
  • The value of production quality on LinkedIn video.
  • Videos being produced versus being real.
  • Top 3 tips for publishing effective and impactive videos.
  • Measuring the success of your videos.
  • Video engagement metrics available on LinkedIn.
  • The future of LinkedIn as a platform.

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