In this episode I talk to Justin Brown of Primal Video, and we talk about how to approach your YouTube channel strategically to grow your audience and maximize your impact.

Primal Video, composed of Justin and Mike Brown, has grown their YouTube subscribers to over 150,000. He has also been working with entrepreneurs to create marketing videos and it is from here that Primal Video was born. The business’ mission is to help entrepreneurs produce their own video content effectively with the tools they have at their disposal.

In this episode

  • Justin’s story of how they started on YouTube and the content they release on their channel
  • The growth they’ve had on their channel
  • How they identify which content to make and release
  • Where they got their drive to create content for their audience
  • How YouTube works and the importance of keywords, titles, descriptions and branding on videos
  • Creating YouTube content that people are searching for
  • YouTube Algorithms
  • How consistency helps you create a successful channel
  • Strategy and planning behind your content
  • Monetization of videos on YouTube and the importance of having other options for monetization outside the platform
  • Building an email list from YouTube
  • Session Time metric on YouTube and how it helps your channel and content
  • What leads to the growth of subscribers on the platform
  • Analyzing stats, updating and optimizing links on on videos using Tube Buddy or VidIQ extension on chrome
  • Importance of the Community aspect on your YouTube channel
  • The goals of Primal Video
  • How to use YouTube effectively for your business and concrete examples to learn from
  • Sneak Peek on Episode 60

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