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If you’re in business and you haven’t yet got started with video or you’re afraid to show up on camera, what if I could tell you that there was one right video for you?

In this episode, I invited the author of the book “The One Right Video: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Grow Your Community, Get More Qualified Leads, and Close More Sales Using YouTube” to talk about the idea of video creation as an entrepreneur.

Diana helps busy entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use video to share their vision and impact more people’s lives. She effortlessly simplifies the tech of video and breaks it down, so anyone can understand, regardless of skill level.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Diana and what she does
  • What prompted her as an entrepreneur to create that first video.
  • The opportunity entrepreneurs are missing out on who are not using video for their business.
  • Her thoughts on entrepreneurs having a hard time showing up on camera.
  • How people should approach YouTube.
  • The mindset that people often have that keeps them from creating the right video in the first place.
  • The outcome of taking action with the right videos for business owners.

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