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As video producers I think it’s so important for us to realise that our clients don’t actually want a video. What they really want is the results that the right video used in the right way will get for their business.

You wouldn’t board a train if there are no tracks laid, right? Or if the tracks were heading in the wrong direction!

The purpose of the train to get you to a destination. The train… just like a video is a vehicle to achieve a desired outcome.

My guest today is a video producer who understands the importance of this wholeheartedly… and it was this realisation that kicked off his own journey from video producer to video strategist which we’ll be exploring in today’s episode.

Josh got his start in video as a photographer for a local news station in Virginia. After studying journalism and international relations at university, he began a career in marketing and rediscovered his love for video. Today he serves as the communications director for a large church in Tallahassee, Florida, where he regularly uses the unique storytelling power of video. He also operates his own company, Joshua King Media, where he helps businesses plan the video they need to get the results they want. He also hosts his own podcast, The Video Strategist, where he shares advice and best practices for growing your business with video.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Joshua and what he does
  • Why video is such an important tool to use in marketing today.
  • Where most businesses struggle with video strategy.
  • What has shifted for Joshua in the way he delivers work for his clients.
  • How language is used when communicating with clients through the process impacts on the way the client perceives you as a provider.
  • How he guides his clients through the process.
  • The value in working with a video producer who also considers themselves a video strategist.
  • What made him join the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • What his experience has been like through the program.
  • What changed in the way he approached clients as a result.
  • His message to another video producer who was considering skilling as a video strategist.


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