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EWS Ep #2: The Power of Story to Write Better Blogs with Cas McCullough

We’re all writers. Whether you consider yourself one or not, the fact is that in life and in business we all need to craft our message on some media on a regular basis.  

So, have you ever sat in front of a computer for what seems like a ridiculous amount of time looking at blinking cursor taunting you from a blank white page. Or worse still written word after word after word only to promptly circle back and delete word after word after word.

American poet Maya Angelou is quoted as saying ‘there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ and in today’s show I feel my guest really understands that on a level greater than most.

Her own story has plenty of twists and turns but as you’ll hear it is her ability to own and tell her story that has made her who she is today. And taking that one step further she’s now committed to helping others beat the burden of the blinking cursor and tell their stories more effectively.

I’m excited today to welcome my very first guest to Engage With Story and it is Caroline McCullough aka Cas McCullough, an award winning content marketer, author, podcaster and now startup founder of Writally – an awesome resource which provides customised writing prompts known as recipes to help you structure your content writing and blogging.

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In this interview Cas shares with us;

  • Why telling good stories is so damn important in the first place
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of telling stories in your business blog
  • How Story ‘recipes’ can help spark ideas for your blog and
  • We deep dive into a basic structure that every good story should have.


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