This week, Ben is opening the doors for enrolment to his first online course entitled The Online Video Strategy Blueprint. And in this episode, he tells us more about the backstory on how he arrived at this point in his career. He shares his journey with us from changing the way he created content strategically to get results for his clients 6 years ago, launching the Engage Video Marketing brand 3 years ago, writing an ebook, creating a webinar series and a coaching program called The Online Video Strategy Blueprint Bootcamp to, now, launching his Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.

He also shares two audio clips from his free training released last week entitled The Rise of The Video Strategist which is about how to strategically produce video and the 7 elements critical to the success of an online video strategy and how they all work together.

The Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course will be on sale today, February 5, 2019 for 10 days only. For more information or questions you may visit the website or email Ben at