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In episode 107 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast your host Ben Amos (founder of Engage Video Marketing) is breaking down the critical factors that influence video ranking and optimization on Facebook with particular relevance on how this impacts business owners and marketers publishing Facebook video in 2019.

Back in May 2019, Facebook released some indepth information about what factors they take into consideration when ranking videos natively across their platform and with this provided some important insight for anyone using Facebook Video to market their products, or services or to engage an audience.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Ben shares the 4 critical ranking factors that Facebook pay attention to when ranking videos on the platform
    • Originality
    • Viewing Behaviours and Video Attributes
    • Loyalty and Intent
    • Engagement
  • He provides an understanding with each of the above as to what this means for the videos you’re creating for Facebook, and particularly what NOT to do!


BONUS TIP: We also wanted to share with you this week an awesome invoicing and accounting platform we’ve recently discovered called Freshbooks... It’s perfect for business owners, and entrepreneurs like you guys who listen to the podcast.  Check them out here.

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