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Leverage is the key to making what you have go much further. Just like a crowbar can assist you to apply great force from a small push, leverage allows you to harness the power of good positioning and the strategic application of time and energy to move mountains.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, we’re often dealing with a limited  amount of resources, be it time, money or team, on our mission to change the world through our products or services.

And here’s the good news, I believe one of the best ways to gain real leverage in business today is through the strategic use of video and in this episode of the podcast we’re going to explore this idea and more.

In this episode we cover:

    • The 5 ways to gain leverage from your video strategy
      • Using video as top tier content
      • Considering long game content marketing
      • How video gets you back time
      • How video supercharges relationships
      • How video leverages you and your people

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