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About 2018/19 I first started paying a little bit of attention to this thing called the Blockchain. Didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I’m usually keen to understand new technology so I jumped in and tried to make what sense of it I could. I even bought a little bit of bitcoin back when it was around 3-4000. Today, it’s over 50K. That was it though, and I didn’t really do much more, until mid-last year I first started hearing about this thing called Web3, and non fungible tokens, people like Gary Vee speaking launching NFTs and I realised maybe this is something to pay more attention to.

And over the course of this year so far I’ve begun (only just) to realise the big shift that decentralisation and blockchain technology is going to have on, well, everything.

Including video production and marketing, so that’s where I want to go with you today. I’m seriously fired up for this conversation you’re about to hear. As I think, regardless of how deep you are right now in this space, this conversation is going to open up some new ways of thinking for you and begin to paint a picture of what is about to come.

You do not want to skip this episode.

My guest today is NOT a video marketer, however he has a lot of experience in using video to market his business over the years. My guest is actually a trial lawyer and litigator from Orange Country in the US. Mitch Jackson calls himself the metaverse lawyer and enjoys applying his 35 years of practicing law to help and add value to consumers and clients who are doing the digital dance at the intersection of law, business and technology including the Metaverse and Web3.

If you’ve heard these Web3 terms, and even dabbled a bit in Crypto, NFT’s or Blockchain powered technology then this interview is going to blow your mind.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Mitch Jackson and what he does
  • What is Web3.0
  • How has this shift in technology changed the way he’s doing business.
  • What and where is the Metaverse.
  • How he thinks Web3, Blockchain and the metaverse change the way video and content marketing, and operating a creative business is currently thought about.
  • How listeners who are keen to be ahead of the adoption curve should take action today.
  • The effect on traditional advertising.
  • How video producers could get paid.

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