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In today’s episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, I’m going to be exploring this concept of a ‘video first’ way of doing business with my guest, Paul Mortimer. 

Paul has extensive knowledge on video-first ways of operating as a business, going beyond just marketing and sales use cases. He talks about topics including how we transformed our business with video and asynchronous video communication. 

A little more about Paul:

  • Has risen up the ranks from Content Marketer to Head of Growth over 6 years at award-winning HubSpot agency Digital 22 and forms part of the agency’s Leadership Team
  • Hosts ‘VIDEO FIRST’,  Digital 22’s specialist video podcast covering topics like creating videos on a budget, using YouTube for your business, and growing your podcast production value
  • Has written and presented extensively on content marketing
  • Helps to lead a team of over 45 in-house marketers, copywriters, designers and developers who are experts in inbound marketing and know HubSpot’s platform inside-out
  • Is driving a video-first approach for Digital 22 and all of our clients
  • In a previous life, worked as an English Literature teacher as well as a freelance writer and photographer

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Paul and what he does.
  • What ‘video first’ business means to him.
  • Why ‘video first’.
  • The success he sees with video where it might not have been previously.
  • Example of case study.
  • The fears or objections he sees business owners have to using video in this way.
  • How he would recommend video strategists approach businesses who are interested but uncertain about going ‘video first’
  • What’s next for video in business.

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